Smart Garden Designs

Getting Your Gardens Done Right!



0Hi I’m Kate, an experienced gardener here in Sonoma County. I’ve worked and managed a local garden center, while providing in-home and at-store consultations for landscape designs, container gardening, and urban gardens. I’ve spoken at local garden clubs and worked with local fairs as a judge for floral and container planting.  I’m practiced in water conservation, companion planting, garden maintenance, pruning, and planting edible and ornamental landscapes.

We specialize in gardening consultation & landscape design.

Why do you need a design for your yard? Many landscapes get planted without working inside the limits of a plant’s growth habit. Whether a plant needs full sun, part sun, or shade, knowing how tall, how wide, and what kind of watering needs each plant requires are all essential factors when planting a yard that will last. Getting your gardens done right the first time will save you a lot of time and money.

What We offer:

Professional plant advice

Drought tolerant and native planting

Habitat gardening

Urban and container gardening

Summer and winter vegetable and fruit gardening

Gardening maintenance, planting, & pruning

Water conservation strategies

Knowledge in soil nutritional needs 

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